Skywise Special Data Export

The Special Data Export tool (a.k.a. SDE) is a tool extracting massively data and stores it at a given place. It helps companies to get all their data, and operate specific operations on them, that would not be possible on Foundry, nor via retrieving data through APIs, for example (machine learning, etc...).

Currently, we provided 2 versiosn of this product:

On-Demand Special Data Export

The on-demand Massive Data Extraction tool, that is common to all our customers, propose 2 features to export :

Technical details:

Machine-to-Machine Special Data Export

The machine-to-machine SDE tool, that is configured specifically for one customer, in order to operate a regular sync.

2 types of data are proposed:

Technical details:

For more information on this product and upcoming features, please feel free to contact us.