Skywise Maintenance Information System

The MIS Write-back product aims at providing the way for Airlines to integrate data directly from Skywise into their Maintenance Information System.

The first use case covered by our product is the integration of a work-order.

The goal of this feature is that when a Skywise analysis shows a maintenance operation should be scheduled on an aircraft, we offer the possibility to create a work-order within Skywise that will be automatically integrated into the MIS of the Airline.

To this end, we provide an interface where you will find the fields to fill to create your work-order. Once the work-order is submitted in the Skywise MIS Write-back product, it will then be retrieved by the MIS to be integrated automatically. The fields are matching the Ontology format for clarity purposes.

We look forward to showing you the possibilities that this product offers, and continuing improving it to make a real difference in your maintenance processes!

For more information on this product and upcoming features, please feel free to contact us.