Skywise Demo Applications Using APIs

Using Skywise APIs, you can build a web application or mobile application based on you needs. At Skywise, we provided you a set of API collections which can provide you the access directly to Skywise transformed data and ready to integrated with other system/third party APIs. Outside of the existing APIs, we also provide the API Development Service and customizable based on your concept, you just need to contact us and we're here ready and willing to support you build your applications.

In the Skywise summit and other events, we already presented to you our web and mobile application which were built by using our APIs, and they are:

Let's review again the concept of these demo application:

Cabin Defects (IOS & WEB) App

Cabin Defect analystic dashboard application is the one of most popular application on Skywise thanks to the insights it provides. The application gives an overview of defects on specific aircraft, along with it's type, date of occurence and location of the defect.


Operation report App (Web)

Decraise or eliminate the flights delay. The airlines will know the delay reason so they will take actions to solve this delays and at the end save a lot of money.


Oil Consumption

Have a report which show to the airlines the fuel consuming per engine and APU used per minute in each flight and understand if they are wasting fuel. The client\user will know that the engine or APU are broken or have some issues based on this information. If the engine or APU line go above the APU or engine Alert line, the engine or APU may have some issue and they need to check or fixe it.


Recurrent defects

Have a report which show to the user/client which part is faulty often and more details about it history actions. With that, they can find out the cause of the error and take a decision to choose the part replacement and claim with Airbus quality agent.